Shall I start a business when I do not have any experience? When you want to start a new activity, you will undoubtedly need some supports and guidance. This rule applies not only to complicated tasks but also to activities as simple as learning to ride a bicycle. None of us is born with the ability to run a business without help and support, but you... Read More Examples of inspiring vision statements After explaining about vision, and how important is and how we can state business vision, we need to show some example of good vision statements. Sean Peek (2002), Business News Daily Contributing Writer, writes reviews some memorable and distinct vision statements may be all the inspiration you need to write your own vision statement. Read More BIG PICTURE; why you should have a good vision for your business? Vision is an ideal situation of your business in the future. Otherwise, vision is the ability to close your eyes and imagine a future that not yet exist. It is the ability to see beyond the mess that may be in front of you, to abstract away from it, to clean it up and... Read More New year 2021, make a wish, select a dream, or set a new VISION? While people always make a wish for New Year, business persons and strategic people also need to set a new vision for their businesses. Transferring wishes or dreams into good vision, is an effective ability for innovative business persons or entrepreneurs. It is also good strategy for developing and expanding new businesses. Read More Is knowledge Power? written by Mahan Mohammadi, PhD Candidate & International Ambassadors

We have two types of knowledge. The general one regardless of its quantity or variety has a small role in the accumulation of money. Many university scholars have this type of knowledge to civilization but it does not necessarily lead them to money. They...
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The window of opportunity, entrepreneurship, and luck written by Mahan Mohammadi, PhD student & International Ambassadors

It is important to keep need and opportunity separate in the thinking process when planning on identifying a business idea. When you have identified the current and future needs of a target population, it does not necessarily mean that you have reached an opportunity...
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Never Run a Business written by Mahan Mohammadi, PhD student & International Ambassadors

It's a major concern. What if you never handled a company before? It is not as obvious as you assume. Own-account workers and advisors might say they don't, or never have, run a company. Others have jobs and work long hours, running a job on the side...
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EDUCATE YOURSELF; how does scientific method work in daily life or business.
Written by Moham Yarmohammadian; Professor and WBIUS Advisor

EDUCATE YOURSELF; how does scientific method work in daily life or business and how can apply problem solving method in your new business or startup problems.


When you face usual situation in your business, or engage with a problem in your company, have your mind to...
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Innovation is forgotten aspect of business! Innovation environment needs to be promoted and nurtured company-wide. It's also important to put the innovation process in place. As with any part of a business, strategic direction is essential to seeing better innovation results and outcomes. Read More Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Mentor? Kind like Father, Great as a Professor, Inspire as a Prophet: Why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor? “Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable and wise person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person” (WIKIPEDIA). A mentor may share with a mentee (or protégé) knowledge and wisdom about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance,... Read More
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